BND85S Pino STYLUS twist metal ball pen *STOCK*

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145 x 15 dia mm 21 gr


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BND85S Pino STYLUS twist metal ball pen *STOCK*
Recycled stainless steel, ABS
BND85S Stylus Twist Metal Ball Pen is a versatile and stylish writing tool. Its stainless steel and ABS construction gives it a sleek and professional look, while also providing a durable and long-lasting design. The twist mechanism allows you to switch effortlessly between using the ballpoint pen and the stylus, making it perfect for both writing and navigating your devices. The pen writes smoothly, providing clean and precise lines, while the stylus tip allows for accurate navigation on touchscreens. This pen is the perfect choice for anyone who values both form and function. Stainless steel is a highly sustainable material due to its recyclability. It has one of the highest recycling rates of any metal, with over 90% of it being recycled worldwide. This means that stainless steel can be melted down and reused in the production of new products, reducing the need for new mining and extraction of raw materials. Additionally, stainless steel's long-lasting durability, low maintenance requirements, energy efficiency, and versatility make it an environmentally friendly choice. Its use can help reduce waste, conserve resources, and minimize the carbon footprint of products and processes.

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